Bingo has been around for a very long time indeed and most people will remember some sort of bingo as they grew up. It has traditionally been the domain of the silver haired Granny and older people in general. It’s not quite like that anymore and we have seen a massive change in the people that play, mainly because of bingo sites online.
Even the demographic of the average player in your local bingo hall will have changed to include a much wider range. Men are now also playing like they never have before and it’s no wonder when you realize how addictive it is. Not only men in their later years either but men of all ages.
Couples of all ages now play as a team in some cases and this has added to the change in the average participant. There are still some issues for you average man going in to a bingo hall. Even the younger lady can be seen as someone who has years of penance to pay before she can claim to their winnings. The bingo halls winnings are often coveted guardedly by the silver hair brigade.
It’s no wonder then that online bingo has really taken off in such a big way. There are more places to play online than you could count in one day, some better than others of course. It’s always a good idea to check over a few sites and the maybe even play one or two games for free to test their stability. The online bingo revolution didn’t happen overnight, has been coming for a long time it’s been coming for quite some time.
This phenomenon has not happened in the blink of an eye but has been developing over many years. For some time now, there have been games labeled as ‘national’ but they were a very different affair. A national game meant having a bingo caller in a one venue of a multi-venue chain broadcasting the called numbers.
Before Televisions there was the national game called over a radio station but that never really took off. As technology progressed the televised game too off and had massive pots to rival the lottery of a small country at times. Without a doubt, large winnings have contributed to the games popularity.
The advances in technology that we’ve had in this day and age have meant that we can now play a game much differently than before. The internet is now capable of hosting games with thousands and thousands of players taking part at the same time. It has been so successful that companies that had nothing to do with bingo have encouraged their huge online customer bases to participate. Nearly every online bookmaker or betting shop now have bingo sections and it has gone mainstream.

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